Web Design&Efficient Workflow

In this post, Sue Jenkins introduces several aspects based on the web design workflow.

The content is divided into the following questions:

What is web design workflow?

A web design workflow is a process of developing a website.
When building a website, each step must be arranged in a sequence, to make the process effective.

What can it be used to do?

This workflow, as what words already mentioned in the heading, is using most commonly for web designing.

It is helpful for those who are keen to design their website or mobile; especially for those who have some basic knowledge about Web design and the experience of actually designing.

Also, it will be better if the users have used graphic software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and others used to design web graphics.

What is the purpose of making it?

The reason for making this workflow is to make the process of working and designing websites be as efficient as possible.
Furthermore, making an efficient workflow can reducing tautologies and streamlining the design process.

What are the benefits of learning from other designers?

Learning from other designers can help one get inspiration by referencing from taking a look at their method.
Plus, you can have a better understanding of the logical order that they used in their design.
The more you study from different designers’ examples, the more familiar and clear you get to know what you are going to do.

What kind of workflow does Jenkins use?

In Sue Jenkins’s workflow, there are four key components: sketch, moodboard, design, and revision.
Before going through the four steps, Jenkins will begin by making a wireframe to have a basic outline of the site’s structure and layout.
Next, she will move on to the stage of brainstorming ideas in sketch form.
What’s more, she will create a moodboard that including the artistic drawings such as patterns and color palette.
From there comes the last step: designing of the mockup and adjusting the layout, followed by making some revisions at last before settling the design.

In conclusion, web design workflow plays an important role in the field of Web graphic design because it makes the building process became more efficient.

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