UX Foundations: Content Strategy

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is about bringing the right content to the right person at the right time, in the right context, and making sure it’s accurate, up-to-date, and appropriate through ongoing engagement.

What is content?

There are content everywhere in the world.
Such as a piece of art on the wall or the sculpture in a park.

Content is anything that conveys meaningful information to a person and it can be presented in the form of text/graphics/images/videos or audio.

What meaningful information is and how this relates to content strategy?

The meaningful information: the information enables the transfer of an idea beyond the words.

The example here is content as “boiled egg“, transfer meaning beyond the words than just “egg”.

The problem is, when the content strategy works, there is no guarantee the meaning someone finds in a piece of content will be the same as the others.

Each of us has different interpretations of the content we received, and this makes the information varies.

The problems we are trying to solve is:

How do we ensure the message reaches the right audience and is understood?

This problem is what makes content strategy so interesting.


“Content strategy is not just about creating a message. It’s more about giving the message the best possible chance of reaching and being understood by its intended audience.”

by Morten RandHerdriksen
  1. And while the final content matters to the content strategist, their true focus is on understanding
  2. the content creator and their intentions
  3. the audience and their needs and desires
  4. the nature of the channels and mediums the content will be presented in
  5. the people and processes that produce and maintain the content
  6. the ongoing planning for and management of the content.

The components of content strategy

Content strategy is really an infinite number of interconnecting circles, all of which affect all the others.

Two Systems of Content strategy:

  • Kristina Halvorson

Its content strategy as a circle split into two main halves:

  • content components:
  1. substance
  2. structure
  • people components:
  1. workflow
  2. governance
  • Erin Kissane

outlines this process as three distinct stages:

  • evaluate
  • design
  • execute.

To sum up, this post basically introduce different aspects about what is content, what is content strategy and what are the components of content strategy.

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